Here is just a small sample of the positive things people have said about Wylie’s past presentations:

“Wylie Knows How To Capture An Audience”

“If you’re thinking about a speaker, you have to consider this guy! I can tell you Wylie knows how to capture an audience and keep them engaged! I have had the pleasure of speaking at events with him on numerous occasions in the past and in my opinion, Wylie is one of the best presenters out there!”

– Eric Giguere
Motivational Speaker

“Ability to Engage a Crowd is Evident”

“Wylie Davidson’s ability to engage a crowd is evident from the very start and lingers long after his closing comments. His positive energy is contagious and set the tone for our entire conference. Leaving a Safety Legacy is a presentation that everyone in attendance will relate to.”

– Patrick Cantrell, CSP
Energy transfer

“[Wylie] Really Made It A Fun Session”

“I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I REALLY enjoyed your presentation Friday afternoon! It was great! I’m not going to lie, I was not looking forward to the session, because….well safety isn’t a real fun topic! Haha But you really made it a fun session all while really making me think about the bottom line…Safety! Thank you!

P.S. – I still had my mom down as my emergency contact. I changed that as soon as I got into work today. She is not someone who can handle that call!”

– Ashley Eckhart

“Had Our Attendees Laughing, Crying, and Wanting More”

“There is no one that I have seen energize an audience more that Wylie! His sense of delivery had our attendees laughing, crying and wanting more!”

– Cheryl Lees
Safety Advocate

“Engaging and Personal Delivery”

“I attended Wylie Davidson’s seminar ‘Leaving a Safety Legacy’ at the 2022 VPPPA Conference. I enjoyed his presentation, and it was the most personal and entertaining session I attended. He was able to drive home the point of why safety matters with an engaging and personal delivery. His ability to make the attendees think about safety in their personal lives was very effective, without overwhelming the presentation with facts and statistics. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to understand the heart of safety, attend his seminar, and speak to him.”

– Sarah Ritter-Hamilton
EH&S Manager

“Energize Your Safety Program”

“Have you ever had a person who was amazing at their job inspire you to do better at your job?

I started speaking nationwide 3 years ago, I didn’t know much at all, other than I wanted to tell my story to as many people as possible. Wylie helped me develop my presentation, always took the time to help me with his guidance and experience with his only motivation to make me better. He often challenged me, gave me praise, and eventually built up my confidence to a level that has brought me much success today. Because of this guy, and a few other people, I’ve far exceeded any goals I initially set for myself.

The guy that has helped me grow into the presenter I am today is now rejoining the speaker world and I could not be more excited! If you are looking for someone to energize your safety program or make a difference with your employees I highly recommend you give Wylie a call!”

– Brandon Schroeder
Motivational speaker

“The One Everyone Remembers The Most”

“Our company has brought in quite a few motivational speakers over the years but the one everyone remembers the most is Wylie.”

– Chris Valentine
NRG Generation Station ~ Powerton
Pekin, Illinois

“Great material”

“I loved your presentation! Great material and how you presented it was top notch!”

– Jerome Niss
Safety Compliance Consultant

“It Truly Made Us Think”

“I want to personally THANK YOU for your PPSA presentation ‘Leaving a Safety Legacy!’  Your presentation was engaging for the audience; and it truly made us think about how to ‘Make Safety Personal.’   I really appreciate your passion and dedication to the safety of others.”

– Randy Adams
Health and Safety Manager
KTG-USA Kruger Products LP

“The Impact That…Safety Legacy Has Made At Our Organization Is Invaluable”

“The impact that the Leaving a Safety Legacy has made at our organization is invaluable, so much so, that our HR and Safety teams decided to ask Mr. Wylie Davidson to repeat the sessions with our employee-base only 10 months after the original presentations.  Our ROI from partnering with Mr. Davidson is immense.  Our employees, at all levels, have been referencing the topics and ideas from Leaving a Safety Legacy since they originally attended the session last year.  They can easily apply what they gleaned from the presentation to their everyday work.  Even our most experienced and safety-oriented employees learn and develop from My. Davidson’s teachings.  We are so grateful for the immeasurable impact that Leaving a Safety Legacy has made on our organization.  We look forward to further partnering with Wylie to further build our safety culture.”

– Samantha Calkins
HR Manager, Silfab Solar

“Here’s what they had to say at the Tennessee Safety and Health Conference.”

“Great speaker!!! Everyone around me was engaged and listening.”

“I found a new way to make people more interested in their personal safety at work and home.”

“Great speaker “I appreciate the simple message. Easy to follow and good examples.”

“Thank you for your passion with the topic.”

“This guy was awesome! Best presenter so far! Kept my attention and made very good points in a great way. Great job!”

“Great and amazing session One of the best presentations I ever attended. Great keynote speaker!”

“Very impactful Absolutely great!”

“Keep Up The Good Work”

You were a blessing yesterday, and I’m sure others feel the same.  Keep up the good work!

“Quite An Impact”

You made quite an impact at our conference; members are already asking when you’re coming back!

“Left a Positive Impression”

“Wylie is a speaker and a human being that left a positive impression. I appreciated his time and effort. Thanks for sharing this educational piece of information. I’ll be referencing this!”

– Brian Jarvis
Geiger Brothers