Leaving A Safety Legacy

Presented by Wylie Davidson
Motivational Safety Speaker

Leaving a safety legacy is a refreshing look at a presentation designed to get attendees to put a stronger value on what matters most: their own personal safety as well as the people around them, both on the job and at home.

This message is not designed to lower mod ratings or to get a better insurance premium. Those hopefully come as a result of this message. Nor is it a victim story, which can be a refreshing change to what we normally expose our teams to.

In fact, it’s actually a survivor story, with no less than 10 built-in reminders designed for the attendee to refer back to long after the presentation has been delivered. The goal is to have attendees remember not only the presentation by utilizing those built-in reminders but change their actions as a result of it.

As mentioned in the presentation, two of the largest obstacles that many companies face in creating an effective safety culture are compliance and engagement. And for most, they have many of the key components in place. They have the majority of the “safety puzzle” already figured out. They have the proper policies and procedures, they have the proper gear and PPE. What they struggle with is getting their employees to actually buy into the program and wear the gear properly. To make safety personal.

One of the best takeaways of this presentation is that every attendee can relate to it at some point on a personal level. By making safety personal and challenging the “What’s in it for me” mentality, which is just part of our human nature, attendees arrive at what those items are. Attendees discover what and who those pieces represent and, as a result, close the gap between having to be safe and wanting to be.

My goal is to help attendees close the gap between asking to be safe and wanting to be safe, and ultimately leave a positive safety legacy that others can build upon.

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